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Substantial Incorporation Structure Explained

Many portfolio landlords are interested to know what is involved in the incorporation process.

This BLOG is the result of shortening many 100s of pages of information into the summary below.

Incorporation via Beneficial Interest transfer is used predominantly in England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

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Making Tax Digital for Income Tax will now be introduced in April 2024

MTD for Income Tax by April 2023

Making tax digital for landlords has been on the cards for some time and now the government has finally come up with the start date for landlords and other property investors to report tax quarterly under the new system. April 6, 2023 is the date when anyone making more than £10,000 a year from property should be ready to start recording and filing online. For landlords, that £10,000 figure refers to rental income. Landlords earning less than £10,000 a year from property income won’t need to set up a digital tax account, and neither will landlords who take lodgers in

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