The taxman’s dodgy data

Over the years of JMS Accounting operation, we have dealt with many data issues in relation to HMRC.  When HMRC get things wrong they cause stress and waste large amounts of time for both our practice and our clients.  Clients will often not understand that HMRC are at fault and our practice wastes many man-hours resolving mistakes by HMRC. 

It was some comfort to our practice to read this article in the Spectator that highlighted the extensive data problems problems at HMRC.  It doesn’t solve the issues, but it helps to understand the issues that our practice has to deal with were not just experienced by us but many businesses. 

HMRC nudges more company controllers

Self Assessment Tax return for PSC

The tax office is writing to persons with significant control registered at Companies House who declared income of less than £100,000 on their last tax return, or who haven’t submitted a tax return.

Incorporation myths

There are many myths that have been generated about incorporation of a property portfolio.

Mitigation of Inheritance tax

Mitigation of Inheritance tax

An investment property does not qualify for a Business Property Relief, so is added at market value on death, and Inheritance tax will be payable thereon at full market value less any charges on the investment property such as mortgages.

When is it a Good time to Incorporate a Property Portfolio

Since George Osbourne announced in his 2015 Budget of restrictions in mortgage interest relief, landlords have been racing to incorporate their property portfolios, which got the thumps up from the courts following the Ramsey Case (2013). The case itself provided the main guidance and test as to whether the landlord would qualify for Incorporation Relief. Several years forward, and whether the landlord would qualify for incorporation relief has become very subjective.

JMS Accounting commentary on 2021 Autumn Budget

JMS Accounting commentary on 2021 Autumn Budget

JMS Accounting commentary on 2021 Autumn Budget. There were high expectations by landlords of further reforms in the budget, and sadly many opportunities to improve the situation for landlords were missed.

The rent-a-room tax break

rent-a-room tax break

HMRC’s rent-a-room scheme is an optional exemption scheme, which allows individuals to receive up to £7,500 of tax-free gross income (income before expenses) from renting out spare rooms in their only or main home.